#Play14 London Sept, 2017

London, UK


Agile Testing Days November,2017

Potsdam, Germany

Christina ohanian

AGILE COACH & Graphics illustrator

As an avid agile evangelist, I am passionate about helping build and support self organising teams and individuals from the ground up. I love learning about people, their passions and what motivates them. As a member of the Agile community of practice, I speak and run workshops at many conferences and am part of the organising team for #play14London. I am also a Graphics Illustrator and enjoy bringing this into the workspace to run meetings and help teams collaborate. 

You can normally find me in West London, working at River Island. If I'm not around, i'm probably running a workshop somewhere or speaking at a conference and if you fail at that, i'm sitting in a coffee shop, having a latte and sketching! 

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