You are my world!


I am trying to think the number of times I have had these following words said to me "how tidy is your Scrum Team board?" or "You have so much information on your Scrum team board!" Oh yes, if I could get a penny for every time I have heard that...Most people think I get a little too obsessed, crazy or attached to my Scrum team board. I wouldn't really use any of those words to describe it but here is a really short explanation as to why I pay so much attention to the my scrum team board.

 Visibility for the team... The scrum team board is all about visibility for the team. It's about mapping the work we need to complete on the board, making sure tasks and stories are up to date, seeing exactly how much time is remaining in the sprint, and essentially as a team we can see whether we have taken on too much or too little work for the sprint, or whether our estimates were way off target. So keeping all this information on our board accurate is important for the team's visibility as well as knowing whether we are on target to complete our sprint goal.

Visibility for others... The board is as much of an information radiator for others within the business as it is for the team. Other team's members or stakeholders could potentially be interested in how the team is performing within the sprint. So they can always walk about and just glance at the board or the stories and just see what stories are done, how much effort is remaining, or simply just to identify what the sprint goal is.

It's not just about the tasks... The team board pretty much shows your team identity, So make it your own, add your team name and team logo if you like. Anything which is useful information for sprint work or even non sprint work, stick it up there, team's availability, defect or deployment cycles, mock-ups, work flows. I believe the more information you add to the scrum team board, it becomes your "point of contact" for each sprint.

I have always thought to myself, build your scrum team board in such a way that there is enough information, to potentially place a brand new team in place of your team today and they could pick up the work and continue sprinting.