Agile Testing Days - My Retrospective

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It's been approximately 14 hours since I landed back at Stansted Airport and I can't begin to describe how much I am already missing the AWESOMENESS that was the last few days. In the centre of the lovely town Potsdam, Germany, took place what I will describe as THE BEST conference I have been to till this date - Agile Testing Days.

Why Did I Attend?

It was the first time I was attending this event and there were two reason for this a) I had heard so much about this event, and never had the chance to go because there was always something happening at work or in my life, which took priority b) I took the brave decision to step up my game and speak at a big conference. And it certainly lived up to my expectations. I met so many influential and inspirational people and everything from keynotes to workshops were fun, informative and most of all engaging. It was definitely money well spent and I can't wait to go back next year! This has now become a top priority event!

My Thoughts!

I would normally write up a blog post about the event, but this time, to keep things consistent, I have decided to draw about it.

Agile Testing Days - My Jounrey #AgileTD

Also not to forget an awesome group of people who made the event ace for me!

Dan AshbyAlan ParkinsonToby SinclairTony brucePaul ColettiRichard Bradshaw - Great company!

Gabriele - Thanks for being my travel buddy!

Pete WalenMarkus GärtnerAntony Marcano - Great chats!

José Diaz, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory and the ATD team - Top Conference!